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Camps like ASPIRE provides an introduction and a direction.

Learning programming is like playing the piano. You have to practice what you’ve learnt. That is the core pedagogical philosophy of Code Gakko.

The key thing is to be extremely motivated. Know how to learn and find information.

Pauline Glikman, Analytics, Airbnb

ASPIRE Immersion provides a seamless transition from the learning environment, to real world situations where students will flourish under our partners’ mentorship.


The internship will last for 4 weeks.

Yes, you will be able to select the companies that interest you most. The company will view your profile, and if there is a match, you will be off on your internship journey!

There will be 6 weeks of training to achieve several different learning objectives, all of which are essential to data science. Please refer to the Training Schedule for details.

We will update and guide you on the content that you’ve missed so that you don’t fall behind.